Lunch & Learn: Evacuated Solar Hot Water Heaters

It was a fantastic Lunch & Learn today at the Clark offices, with Raymond Lam from Silk Road Environmental!

Specializing in innovative, cost-effective products to reduce the carbon footprint of their clients, Silk Road Environmental reviewed the theory and application of their systems, including solar hot water heaters and phase change material.

Their cutting-edge tech was used on our recently completed Noco Apartments in Columbia City, one of the first apartment buildings in Seattle to use next-generation solar technology for hot water. Dwell Development calls it “an amazingly cost-effective and eco-friendly way to generate hot water for residents.”

Learn more on their website:


We’re watching our wood waste

Even the most efficient construction produces a lot of wood waste. After raw lumber is shaped into a beautiful new home or remodel, board ends and random scraps are typically sent straight to the dump.

So how are we tackling this big challenge in the construction industry?

At our historic Loom House job site on Bainbridge Island, we are finding a better way – a kinder, environmentally conscious method of dealing with construction waste. At this Living Building Challenge remodel, our team is taking the time to separate out untreated waste pieces – those without coating, paint or preservative – and divert them to recyclers, who will turn these scraps into useful biomass or mulch.


We also salvage old siding and paneling via selective demolition, removing all nails and fasteners by hand. That way, these extra materials can be used for new siding on the home.

Other fixtures left over from the remodel – cabinets, windows and doors, vanities, hand railings – have gone to Habitat for Humanity for a second life in new affordable homes.


All told, we have sent waste and unwanted materials from the Loom House to more than a half-dozen vendors and contractors to be reused and recycled for other projects! Yes, this takes extra time and effort. But at Clark, we believe that keeping leftover wood products out of the disposal stream is just good policy — the kind of care and high standards our clients appreciate.

Noco Apartments receives 5-star Built Green certification

The Noco Apartments in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood have earned the prestigious 5-Star Built Green certification from the Master Builders Association of King County. Completed this past summer the project features 54 units in a four-story, wood-framed, 18,000-square-foot building. 50 small efficiency apartments and four live/work units range from 280 to 310 square feet.  There are also two street-level 1,000-square-foot commercial spaces. Noco is one of the first apartment buildings in Seattle to use next-generation solar technology for hot water. Building on the restrictively tight site required creativity and adaptability from the Clark team. Completed Summer 2018. The project was designed by JT Architecture for Dwell Development.

Press: Daily Journal of Commerce


Pleasant Beach Lodge ahead of schedule

The Pleasant Beach Village Lodge is coming together beautifully. With an anticipated completion in late April, the lodge is ahead of schedule and currently in the finishes phase: trim, tile, and wood floors are going in. Crafted by Clark Construction to match the historical charm of the Lynwood Center neighborhood. This addition brings 10 new guest rooms in a 2-story, 6,800 sf. lodge to Pleasant Beach Village on Bainbridge Island.

Super solar a net-positive for Loom House

Energy independence is a key goal of the Living Building Challenge – projects must generate 105 percent of their own power using renewable sources, and provide onsite storage for system resiliency. It’s called net-positive energy, and it’s a very high bar to reach. 

The Loom House on Bainbridge Island is up to the challenge.

The distinctive midcentury-modern home – the first residential remodel set to achieve Living Building certification – will boast an expansive solar array plus cutting-edge battery backup. 


A team from Cascadia Solar of Port Townsend was onsite this week, installing a powerful 15kW system against the backdrop of Puget Sound and the distant Seattle skyline.

To optimize solar harvest, project architects Miller Hull and Clark Construction shifted the home’s skylights to the north slope of the roof, leaving the expansive south slope totally open for solar.

The 42 powerful, 365-watt modules will enjoy generous solar exposure from daybreak through the afternoon. An onsite 13kWh, two-battery backup will capture excess production and keep the home humming if the local grid goes down during storms.

Couple the solar component with an ultra-tight building envelope, and you have a formula for comfortable, sustainable living: produce more energy, and use less.

Find out more about the Loom House’s many energy-efficient features here.

New Student Housing

Quality student housing is always in demand around the University of Washington, and Clark Construction, LLC is helping the developer to meet the need. The new 4710 Flats will bring 52 snug, comfortable apartment units to the U-District near campus, just a short walk to the University Village shopping area and other services. Apartment units range from 250-300 sf., over four floors with a rooftop deck, a great new addition to the neighborhood’s student housing stock.  Availability is set for mid-2019. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

What an amazing year 2018 has been for Clark Construction LLC! In this season of reflection and gratitude, we offer our thanks to all who have contributed to our achievements and success.

We’ve had so many showcase projects going on across the region, it’s hard to cite just a few. Certainly the Loom House on Bainbridge Island is proof-of-concept for applying rigorous Living Building Challenge standards to the restoration of older buildings. Other projects like the Pleasant Beach Village expansion and Manzanita Bay Home have been prominently featured in media, while Clark itself was profiled by our financing partner, Liberty Bay Bank, in their corporate promotions.

We’ve been proud to lend our support to many community causes, among them Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Seattle Children’s Hospital, IslandWood, affordable housing (through our local Housing Resources Board) and popular community festivals like Taste of Lynwood. We’re committed to connection in all that we do.

Highlight of the year has certainly been the dedication of our beautiful and environmentally forward-thinking new offices on Bainbridge in Winslow town center. A top-to-bottom commercial restoration, our new home is a marquee for the latest eco-conscious building materials and techniques. Thank you to all who came to our September open house, and if you’ve not yet paid us a visit, please come by soon!

As the year winds to a close, we are profoundly grateful to our many clients and sub-contractors in all sectors – multi-family, residential, new construction and remodels – for putting your trust in our Clark Construction team.

We’re building something amazing, with you, for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire team over here at Clark Construction.


Beautiful Kingston Beach House

This custom residence is located on a waterfront infill site in Kingston, WA. The building is situated to meet flood, view blockage, and shoreline setback requirements. The exterior features an open-siding rainscreen system, with pre-finished tongue and groove tight knot cedar siding and viroc cement panels. Cantilevered concrete slabs and ipe decking provide ample outdoor living space. A rooftop garden and second floor ipe deck built on an aluminum subframe with a glass railing system add additional space for enjoying shoreline views. A slab floor with built-in radiant heat tops the wood-framed flooring system. Photos courtesy of Architect: Studio Zerbey

We can’t move mountains, but we can move a tree

When Clark Construction began renovating the Loom house on Bainbridge Island – bringing an older home up to the rigorous standards of the Living Building Challenge – we had to demonstrate exceptional concern for the environment. 

That care extended to the landscape , where a beautiful Chinese dogwood (Cornus kousa) was growing in the footprint of where the new carport is being built. 

The solution: move the tree. 

Working with Anne C. James of Anne James Landscape Architecture of Redmond, Wash., and David M. Ohashi of Ohashi Landscape Services of Issaquah, we saved the tree and safely relocated it elsewhere on the property. 

“It is a beautiful specimen,” landscape architect Anne James said, “and given the LBC mantra of no waste/re-use, I suggested it remain on the site, and we move it to a new location where it could be enjoyed by everyone crossing the new bridge to the entry.” 

Moving the tree was a precise and painstaking process, beginning with timing – the tree had to be moved during the winter dormant period, and was transplanted in February 2018.  

The soil at the outer perimeter of the root zone was excavated with an air spade to reduce the weight of the root ball to be lifted, an estimated 5,500-6,000 pounds. 


The air spade removes soil with compressed air, blowing the soilaway and leaving the roots intact and undamaged.  About two feet of soil was removed around the perimeter, leaving a root ball about eight feet across, with a couple more feet of roots dangling in mid-air beyond all the way around.  

These exposed roots were painted with a hydrogel to keep them from drying out until the root ball was hand dug and wrapped in burlap, and the tree moved a couple of days later.  

A large, extended-reach forklift was used to transport the tree to the lower driveway, where it could be maneuvered into place.  

The tree has settled in nicely, and bloomed in July.


New Clark Office OPEN HOUSE - October 12

We are very excited to announce the big move to our new, permanent offices at 355 Ericksen Ave, here on Bainbridge Island! At Clark Construction we are committed to efficient, sustainable building practices, and that starts with our own building. We invite you to stop by anytime between 3 and 7pm this Friday, October 12th. Parking is limited, so we suggest parking at Bainbridge Performing Arts, and walking up. We look forward to welcoming you to our new home! View the official invite here.


Fundraiser for affordable housing on Bainbridge Island

Clark Construction is a sponsor of Housing Resources Bainbridge and encourages you to attend their annual breakfast, Oct. 18. This great fundraiser for affordable housing on Bainbridge Island runs 7:30-9 a.m. at Wing Point Golf and Country Club.  Bainbridge has historically been home to people of all income levels and backgrounds. This year's breakfast highlights the stories of island natives, a business owner with Bainbridge family ties, and other remarkable people from around the community.  Funds raised from the event support island housing programs, maintaining HRB's affordable rental units, and making more units available in the future. 

Register for this great event by Oct. 15 here.

Find out more at

Tree protection at the Loom House

You value your trees, and so do we. Clark Construction goes out of our way to protect existing trees, vegetation and landscaping on every job site, from remodels to new construction. One of our strategies: cladding your trees in 2x4s throughout the construction cycle, to prevent accidental bumps and bruises from equipment. See this care in action at Bainbridge Island’s Loom house, a Living Building Challenge remodel, where the grounds are heavily treed with both native firs and ornamentals. 

Often you’ll see people protect trees with plywood boxes, but we did something smarter – and much truer to the spirit of LBC. We salvaged framing and deck material during demolition, and repurposed the pieces that weren’t in the best condition for reuse to protect these beautiful established trees.

When we leave your site at the end of the project, your trees won’t know we were even there. We make our mark by not leaving any.

Liberty Bay Bank showcases Clark Construction

We are honored to be showcased on the Liberty Bay Bank website.  LBB understands construction and the unique finance needs for the industry, which is not common with banks. You can build a relationship with people at Liberty Bay Bank – it is not just a revolving door. LBB is flexible and willing to work with us to understand our financing requirements. Learn more about this fantastic bank here.

New Clark offices boast leading-edge efficiency

Clark Construction is committed to efficient, sustainable building technologies and techniques – and that starts with our own building. 

Our new offices at 355 Ericksen Avenue boast leading-edge efficiency features including:  
• a state-of-the-art envelope with outboard rigid insulation for walls and roof
• a snug air-barrier membrane with all penetrations taped and sealed
• operable windows with radiant heat panels in every office
• a 6.3kW rooftop solar array for smart, renewable power 

Clark can bring these same energy-saving features to residential and commercial projects of all sizes. But come and see them for yourself – we’re all moved in, even as we add a few finishing touches to the building and grounds. Watch for our big Open House announcement this fall.

Clark summer fun: Fishing, BBQ, and Football with Russell Wilson

Our Clark Construction team is a tightknit squad on the jobsite and off. When not building excellent new homes and commercial spaces this summer, we enjoyed great team-building events like deep-sea fishing and our big company BBQ. We even threw the pigskin around with Seahawks star QB Russell Wilson! Look like fun? We’re always on the lookout for new team members; see our careers page about opportunities with fast-growing Clark, and tell us what you can bring to the team.

Bainbridge Review discusses new Pleasant Beach Village Lodge

The Bainbridge Island Review discusses the new Pleasant Beach Village Lodge addition.  Read the full story here.

This addition brings 10 new guest rooms in a 2-story, 6,800 sf. lodge to Pleasant Beach Village on Bainbridge Island. Crafted by Clark Construction to match the old-world charm of the historic Lynwood Center neighborhood, the building will offer 500 sf. rooms with spacious layouts and luxury appointments. Inn at Pleasant Beach guests can enjoy a seasonal 25-yard outdoor pool, hot tub and a fitness center, along with four restaurants, a pool clubhouse, retail shops and services, and residential living. Completion is scheduled for spring 2019.