Tree protection at the Loom House

You value your trees, and so do we. Clark Construction goes out of our way to protect existing trees, vegetation and landscaping on every job site, from remodels to new construction. One of our strategies: cladding your trees in 2x4s throughout the construction cycle, to prevent accidental bumps and bruises from equipment. See this care in action at Bainbridge Island’s Loom house, a Living Building Challenge remodel, where the grounds are heavily treed with both native firs and ornamentals. 

Often you’ll see people protect trees with plywood boxes, but we did something smarter – and much truer to the spirit of LBC. We salvaged framing and deck material during demolition, and repurposed the pieces that weren’t in the best condition for reuse to protect these beautiful established trees.

When we leave your site at the end of the project, your trees won’t know we were even there. We make our mark by not leaving any.